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While Lamm is in the business of making cute things, safety plays just as much of a role.

Read on for more info and for guidelines for how to enjoy Lamm products to ensure safety.

mobiles & garlands

Mobiles & Garlands are exclusively for decoration.

They are not for hands-on play. Because of the long strings and small shapes, hang them so they are securely out of arm/leg reach at all times, across development stages. You may have to adjust the height the mobile/garland hangs to keep it out of reach.

Mobiles should be hung from the ceiling from a secured hook. Do not attach mobiles or garlands directly to cribs.

Long Strings:

⚠WARNING: Long strings. Possible entanglement injury or strangulation risk. Keep out of baby’s reach.

Small Shapes/Components:

⚠WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-- Small Parts. Always keep out of reach of children under 3 years old. 


Mobiles are intended for visual stimulation only. They should never be grasped.

If hung above crib, remove from the area when baby begins to sit up to ensure the mobile/garland cannot be grabbed.

Check the security of the hung mobile/garland frequently.

Check here for mobile hanging tips!

needle felted bunnies


Handmade, needle-felted figurines are best enjoyed from on a shelf. If used for hands-on play though, be sure they're only used gently and under supervision, as appropriate by age. While they're size-tested to ensure choking hazard safety per Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines, they should not be played with, or be in the reach of children under three. (The delicate nature of felted wool does mean that certain components could become loose and pose a choking hazard to children under 3 years old.)


Keeping things as natural as possible and entirely nontoxic is an absolute given over here at Lamm Handmade.

No phthalates or lead, per Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety guidelines. Additionally, there are no harsh chemical dyes used in Lamm products. In fact, all dyes used are natural, often times dyed by me personally with plant-based dyes I derive from plants. 


Some products such as mobiles and garlands will have small, discrete dabs of nontoxic fabric glue. Though not natural per se, it's necessary for safety and longevity. Prior to packaging, all products sit overnight (at minimum) to ensure glue cures so your products arrive to you and your family safely, with peace of mind.

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