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  • how does pricing work for custom orders?
    Pricing varies based on the type of piece (standalone figures, mobiles, garlands) and the general rule of thumb is that things are priced based on complexity. Take a look at the custom page for full information!
  • where are the items available for purchase?
    At the moment, I'm entirely working off custom orders so there are not any standard items available in the shop. Things are moving and shaking though, so stay tuned! In the meantime, take a look at Instagram for custom order inspiration!
  • does Lamm ship internationally? what about duties/taxes?
    Lamm does ship internationally! Bear in mind that any additional customs/taxes imposed by your government will be your responsibility to pay. These vary based on your location. (I always want folks to be aware so there are no surprises!) Note: I unfortunately am not shipping to Germany at this time. Something to consider: While Lamm mobiles are considered decor in the USA, and thus are compliant per the Consumer Product Safety commission, they may be handled differently by your country's policies.
  • how do I hang my mobile?
    Lamm Handmade mobiles have a loop at the top, which allows them to be hung from either a wall-mounted mobile arm or from the ceiling. (They should not be attached directly to the crib/playpen/bassinet). Ensure that the option you choose keeps the mobile out of reach, at all stages of growth/development. (Mobiles are not for hands-on play). Check out this page for more tips!
  • how long to orders take?
    Unless otherwise specified, orders take 2-3 weeks from order to ship. This is because each piece is made by hand.
  • how are the little creatures made?
    They're made through an art called "needle felting." This is essentially taking loose wool and using a special type of barbed needle, you poke the wool which causes it to mat into shape. You can think of it kind of like sculpting with clay, but instead it's compressing wool!
  • are mobiles for hands-on play?
    Nope! They're designed to provide visual stimulation for your baby and becuse they have small bits and pieces, they should *always* be securely hung so that they're out of reach of chidlren under 3.
  • does Lamm gift wrap?
    All Lamm purchases are packaged in such a way that they are gift-ready! Either in a cute lil box with a bow or cotton muslin pouches (depending on the piece). Always gender neutral!
  • can Lamm products be returned/exchanged?
    In most cases, custom made products cannot be returned, as they were made just for you. Please see the full return/exchange policy and get in touch if you have questions.
  • my cat/toddler/dog damaged my Lamm creation... can you help?
    Life happens! I'm happy to offer repairs if something unfortunate occurs to your Lamm creation over the course of its life. I'll just need some photos of the destruction and I can quote you for the repair. Some repairs are free, even! (You will be responsible for shipping but we can discuss details once you get in touch!)
  • are there safety concerns with mobiles?
    Lamm mobiles can offer a wonderful *visual* stimuation opportunity but it is essential that mobiles (and garlands) are hung out of reach of your baby/child under 3. If either hung improperly or if hands-on play is permitted, mobiles/garlands can potentially pose a risk. This is because the strings can pose a strangulation risk, and the small shapes can pose a choking hazard. But as long as you keep mobiles & garlands a safe distance from baby and check regularly to ensure they're hung securely, all is safe. Also when it comes to safety-- no harsh chemicals, finishes, or dyes are used on Lamm products so they're non-toxic and CPSC compliant. Check out the Safety page for the full scoop!
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